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A Journey of Healing – 16 Months Steroid Free!

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Like so many other parents out there today, we have battled the eczema monster that tortured our son from the first few months of his life. My son, Thomas, is now 10 years old and we are finally winning the fight! We have our lives back and it’s due to our discovery of Red Skin Syndrome (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) and Skinfix.
Any parent that has a child suffering with eczema knows they are willing to try absolutely anything to make the itch and pain go away. Over the years we tried everything from elimination diets, allergy testing and visits to a naturopath. One question always remained – why was his eczema spreading and getting worse instead of better? We hated using the steroid creams prescribed by our doctors (which not to mention over the years kept getting stronger) and used them as prescribed and extremely sparingly. Until one night, after spending hours googling for answers, our lives changed.
We found ITSAN – The International Topical Steroid Addiction Network ( It was as though people had taken pictures of our son’s skin and posted them on the internet. Could this really be? We finally had our answer! The very creams prescribed to help our son were in fact making his eczema spiral out of control. The only remedy: stop the steroids. Yes, that’s it. Well, we wish what followed was as simple.
The journey of steroid withdrawal can last several months or even years. What followed were months of Thomas’ body crying out for the steroids. His skin was red, intensely itchy and swollen at times. He didn’t feel well many days as his body fought against the damage. His skin would flare, burn, crack and shed. We felt helpless when one day I heard the ad for Skinfix on the radio. They had me at the tag line all natural ingredients! I immediately went out and purchased it to try.
Skinfix Baby Eczema Balm was the only cream Thomas would allow me to use on his skin in the beginning months of the withdrawal process. All other creams burned and made him itch even more. Our almost daily routine was a bath in Epsom salts, a layer of Skinfix then tubular bandages over top. This went on for months until finally the flares began to subside and we saw his skin gaining strength. It was a miracle.
After many months of ups and down, we are so happy to say Thomas is 16 months steroid free! We do have the occasional irritations here and there, but one application of Skinfix after a shower does the trick. We could not have done this without the knowledge of the ITSAN Forum, the encouragement of our Facebook support group, and the wonderful steroid free Skinfix Baby Eczema Balm. Our journey is not over but my son has his life back. He is a normal, active and carefree 10 year old again!

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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Our final Holiday Gift Guide is loaded with last minute goodies for everyone on your list!  These gifts are little enough to slip into stockings, but big enough to make a lasting impression!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.20.46 AM

  1. Skinfix Lip Repair Balm – Lightweight, ultra-hydrating, unscented and silky smooth – this lip balm is great for guys and gals alike.
  2. Tin Candle – Because who doesn’t love the smell of pine trees in the winter?
  3. Why You’re Awesome Book – Everyone loves a personalized present.
  4. Sea Salt and Toffee Chocolate Bar – Chocolate is always a good idea!
  5. Sunglasses –  Glossy black finish with bold metal double brow line.
  6. Tumbler – Sip, sip, ahhhh! A funky water bottle to take on the go.
  7. Portable Smartphone Charger – For the friend who’s always at 10% battery life

Holiday Gift Guide: Your Man Crush

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Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is for the man in your life! Whether he’s your husband, dad, boyfriend, or best friend, we’ve made holiday shopping easy with this round-up of #MCM worthy gifts!


  1. Skinfix Cleansing Oil Wash – Give him a gift he doesn’t even know he needs! Switching to an oil wash gently cleanses dry skin while naturally replenishing the skin’s moisture barrier.  
  2. Skinfix Daily Lotion – No fragrance or synthetic ingredients, just moisture and healthy skin.
  3. Smartphone Macro Lens – For the techie! This portable lens will have his photos looking funky, fresh and fun.
  4. Celestron Telescope – Because he deserves the universe!
  5. Wooden Travel Mug – Help keep him caffeinated from the morning commute to the weekend adventure.
  6. Desktop Golf – Make the work day a little more fun with this tabletop golf course.
  7. Instagram Magnets – For the Insta lover! Take any photo from his feed and create awesome mini magnets.

Holiday Gift Guide: Tiny Tot

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Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is packed with treats for the tiny tot in your life! Get creative with your gifting this year and surprise the little one (and their parents!) with a present that is sure to stand out.



  1. Skinfix Gentle Line – Formulated for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone baby skin. Sure to be a hit with every mom + dad on your list!
  2. Moccasins – Tiny fringe booties for tiny feet!
  3. Raya Portland Lunch Cube – Add a little fun to their lunchtime routine with this sweet lunch cube.
  4. Wonderology – A hands-on toy that requires a little imagination.
  5. Easy Grip Chopsticks – For the foodie parents! Start them early on sushi + noodles with the chopstick trainers.
  6. Handmade Plush Monster – This little monster is a unique & adorable addition to their stuffed animal family.
  7. Book Collection – One book, two books, all the Dr. Suess books!
  8. Radio Flyer All Terrain Cargo Wagon – Because nothing beats a classic.

Holiday Gift Guide – Ultra Cool Teacher

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Our spotlight for today’s Holiday Gift Guide is for the teacher in your life! Show your gratitude for their hard work and dedication with a gift for their classroom or their personal enjoyment.


  1. Hand Repair Cream – Teachers are always washing their hands, stripping skin of natural oils and moisture. This hand repair cream is free of steroids, fragrance, soy, parabens and phthalates, making it a safe addition to the classroom!
  2. Plaid Blanket Scarf – Keep warm from misty mornings on the playground, to recess, to lunch with this extra, extra large scarf.
  3. The Beach Boys Christmas Album – A classic holiday album that can be enjoyed by all ages.
  4. Modern Stationery – Teachers send a lots of notes and letters, especially around the holidays. These ones are sure brighten up someone’s day!
  5. Custom Stamper – For the crafty teacher who loves anything and everything to have a touch of personalization.
  6. Sugar Paper Planner – Keep 2016 in order with this Sugar Paper daily planner. It makes for a cute desktop accessory, too!

Holiday Gift Guide: The Jet-Setting Friend

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Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is for the friend who’s always on the go. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip up the coast, a staycation in the city, or an extravagant adventure around the world, we’ve got a round-up of the ultimate gifts for your Jet-Setting Friend.


  1. Skinfix Lip Repair Balm – To make the long flight and travel day a little more comfortable and keep chapped lips away.
  2. Kate Aspen Luggage Tags – Spruce up their luggage style with these cute, easy-to-spot luggage tags.
  3. Bkr Glass Water Bottle – Small enough to fit in your carry-on, durable enough to last the whole trip.
  4. Fuji Film Instant Camera – There’s just something special about the way a Polaroid picture captures traveling memories!
  5. Travel Candle – Make any foreign room feel like home with the comfort of this Maple Oak travel candle.
  6. Passport Cover– A passport is the greatest travel accessory and necessity! This cover adds protection and personalization.

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