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Holiday Gift Guide: The Hipster Nephew

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SKINFIXhipsternephew (1)

The holidays are here – and so are the never-ending to-do’s. Scratch some things off your list with the ultimate guide of fun, functional and unique gifts guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

For the nephew who’s on top of the latest fashion trends, listens to indie rock bands, sips cold brew for breakfast and craft beer for dinner, we’ve got the ultimate list of hipster-approved holiday gifts for him!

  1. Skinfix Inked Tattoo Balm – Keep his ink looking as fresh as it did the day he got it.
  2. Flexible Sled Flyer – Bring out the little kid in him. Bonus Points: It doubles as decor on the off season.
  3. Concorde Eyeglasses – Glasses are essential and these square wooden frames are the perfect choice – a cost-effective option, too!
  4. Koss Pro-4AA Studio Quality Over-the-Ear Headphones: Fashion meets function with these noise-cancelling headphones.
  5. Beard Pack – Chances are, he has a beard. Help him keep it groomed with this awesome beard pack.
  6. Coffee Press – Quench his need for caffeine with this modernist clay coffee press. 


The Power of the Testimonial

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On Sunday morning I opened my inbox and read the most beautiful email from a colleague. She had donated a basket of Skinfix products for an event at her son’s school the night prior. When she arrived with the basket – a mother approached her to say “do you work for Skinfix?!?!”. The mother proceeded to tearfully describe how our Eczema Balm had, literally, changed her son’s life. She told Stacia that her son had had eczema so badly that he could barely walk due to the cracked, bleeding skin on his feet. The family had tried everything, including expensive prescription medications, and nothing had worked. They eventually found and tried Skinfix in an attempt to try anything to help their son. The eczema balm had relieved his symtoms within four short days – and literally given this child a vastly improved quality of life. The mother was so grateful and overwhelmed with emotion that she literally embraced my colleague.

These are the kinds of stories that we are lucky enough to read virtually every day at Skinfix. They are what get us up every morning – and propel us to work long hours and weekends. We are blessed to be able to give people the gift of healthy skin.

Our heritage formula was created to heal skin, but the power of this natural formula has done so much more in the process. It is the heartfelt testimonials about how Skinfix helped to ease a mother’s stress, temper a teenager’s insecurity and improve one’s quality of life that make this brand so much more than just skincare.

This is a brand committed to results. We use the best available natural ingredients, we clinically test our formulas and we absolutely won’t sell anything that we don’t think will really work! Skinfix exists because of the incredible feedback from our grateful customers. Our speech bubble logo celebrates the power of the testimonial – which drives everything that we do.

We Have A Winner!

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SKinfix1With the cold weather rapidly approaching, our skin needs a little more TLC. What better way to show our hands some love than with our award-winning Hand Repair Cream? After testing thousands of products, Skinfix Hand Repair Cream proved to be a swoon-worthy standout for the editors at Allure, Redbook and Shape Magazines and received Editor’s Choice for best hand cream by Winning these awards is quite a process – check out the video of how the Allure editors test almost 15,000 products to come up with the best of the best! Packed with rich, natural butters, soothing botanicals and emollient oils, our Hand Repair Cream is free of steroids, parabens, fragrance and phthalates and is dermatologist recommended. The perfect pick-me-up for dry, chapped hands. skinfix2

diabetic skin care

Dry Skin from Diabetes? Your Pharmacist Can Help!

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Pharmacists play a crucial role in the overall health and well being of patients. Not only are they informed on treatment options, possible side effects and drug interactions, they also have to relay that information to patients both accurately and empathetically.

According to the American Diabetes Association, about one third of people with diabetes will develop a skin problem. High levels of glucose can cause the body to lose fluids, which can lead to dry skin, particularly on the legs, feet and hands. In addition, nerve damage (diabetic neuropathy) can lead to undetected irritations that could result in serious infections. For hands, frequent glucose monitoring and hand washing can also leave hands and fingertips split and irritated.

Pharmacists are an important resource for people living with diabetes, as this condition requires a proper skincare regimen to protect the skin barrier and keep skin healthy and protected. Some pharmacists are also Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) and are the first point of contact for people living with Diabetes. They can provide information on various medications, blood glucose testing, treatment of both hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar,) recommendations for proper nutrition and physical activity and advice on how to keep skin all over the body well moisturized and healthy.

Skinfix’s new Diabetic skincare collection is formulated for people living with diabetes to help soothe, heal and protect dry, irritated skin. This therapeutic regimen includes our Moisturizing Body Wash and Daily Relief Lotion which help keep skin all over the body hydrated and healthy. The Healing Foot & Leg Balm and Hand Relief Cream moisturize dry, cracked skin and are clinically proven to increase hydration and help soothe irritated, dry cracked skin. Our entire collection is dermatologist and podiatrist recommended and free of fragrance, urea, parabens and phthalates. It is available at all major retailers in Canada, at Rite Aid in the US and on

Visit your pharmacist for more information on how to treat and manage diabetes and how to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

National Eczema Association’s Itching For A Cure Walk Recap

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Guest Contributor Deborah Coleman was one of the first employees to join the Skinfix Team. After she tried the product on her eczema and saw that it really worked, she knew she had to join the company to spread the word. Deborah leads industry relations at Skinfix with organizations like the Canadian Diabetes Association & National Eczema Association.


This month I travelled to California to attend the National Eczema Association’s Itching For A Cure Walk. I’ve always been moved by the stories and testimonials we hear from patients living with eczema, but, it wasn’t until I met eczema sufferers first hand that I had a true understanding of what it’s like to live with this condition.

From the young family who had to leave Disney early due to an outbreak, to the husband and wife planning their honeymoon in need of emergency travel relief, I was so touched by their positive outlooks and attitudes. A bad outbreak still couldn’t take the smiles of their faces that day.

You can feel the true sense of community at the NEA. People supporting one another to raise awareness- from young babies to grandparents, people were out to show their support for their loved ones living with eczema.

It was truly an experience I will never forget. I’m proud to support raising eczema awareness as we get one-step closer to finding a cure for this condition.

Ethan’s Story: Soothing Baby Eczema

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Three and half year old Ethan has been suffering with eczema for most of his young life. When he was only a few weeks old, his parents noticed scaly, red patches on his scalp, around his nose, on the backs of his legs and on his elbows. When traditional soaps and lotions failed to work, they made an appointment with their family doctor who promptly diagnosed him with eczema. According to the National Eczema Association, eczema most often makes an appearance in the first 6 months of life and may last into adulthood.

In babies and young children who have delicate and sensitive skin by nature, eczema can be especially hard to manage as it is difficult to prevent scratching- one of the many uncomfortable symptoms of the disease. The biggest struggle for Ethan’s mom, Kelly was trying to keep him away from those rough, itchy spots. “He’s always playing outside and his fingernails are dirty. When he scratches his face and arms, all of that filth gets on his skin. He’s had infections on his face because of that.” A proper skincare regimen that addresses both dryness and inflammation is critical to keeping eczema flare ups at bay.

In children, this includes daily baths using tepid water and a mild, non-irritating wash like our Gentle Hair and Body Wash. Kelly says she noticed a difference the very first time she bathed Ethan with it. “He didn’t complain that his skin was burning like he normally does during bath time. We’ve used other products in the past that just exasperated his skin.” After three days of using the Gentle Eczema Regimen, signs of his eczema had disappeared and family members began noticing how great his skin looked. “For me, it’s not so much about the appearance. I’m just glad he’s not uncomfortable and itchy anymore.”

Keeping parched skin all over the body well hydrated is a must for people battling eczema. Our Gentle Moisturizing Lotion is infused with natural moisturizers, vitamins and soothing botanicals that quickly absorb to help banish dryness all over the body and is fragrance-free so it won’t cause a flare up.

When used on dry, red, itchy patches, our Gentle Eczema Balm is an alternative to steroid topical treatments and provides instant relief and helps to slow down eczema flare-ups and sooth its uncomfortable symptoms.

Kelly says she found the entire Gentle Eczema Regimen easy to use and very helpful in keeping Ethan’s skin healthy. “The Gentle Eczema Balm did a great job at stopping the itch and calming his skin.”

Using products with natural ingredients that won’t irritate the skin is of paramount importance for parents of babies and young children with eczema. Our entire Gentle Eczema Regimen was formulated with this in mind, contains natural ingredients and is free of steroids, nut ingredients, fragrance, soy, gluten, parabens and phthalates. The line is pediatrician tested, dermatologist recommended, endorsed by the National Eczema Association and the recipient of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal.

“I am your biggest spokesperson now.” Says Kelly. “I tell everyone about how much we love Skinfix. My husband has dermatitis on his legs and we noticed a huge difference after he used some of Ethan’s Skinfix Gentle Eczema Balm. You have a customer for life!”

Our Gentle Baby Line is available at all major retailers across Canada, select Target stores in the US and on

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