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Cold Weather and Delicate Skin (and I’m not just talking about babies!)

winter skinI work for Skinfix and like many of us on the team, also have little ones at home. And coming this summer, we will be welcoming our third baby to the mix – here comes a crazy family of 5! I’ll be occasionally writing for The Fix to share my adventures in raising toddlers, pregnancy and in the fall… life with a new born! My husband and I like to keep the family active throughout the year and in the winter that means – ice skating, cold runs and taking the kids sledding. Our main issue is we live in Minnesota – yep, that cold, cold state. While the cold weather doesn’t slow us down too much, it does take a toll on all of our skin – particularly on my husband who grew up in the mild California climate. His skin isn’t quite tough enough yet to withstand the artic blasts we get. And on my daughter’s skin that gets red and chapped easily, and has occasional eczema flare ups. We’ve tried many things – we attempted to reduce baths for the kids, but they spend their days at daycare, and the germs and messes they get into makes skipping baths petty gross most days. They get bundled up from head to toe every time we go outside, but still their cheeks get so red and ouchy. Our doctor suggested soaps and lotions with no fragrance and lots of emollients, or even rubbing straight coconut oil on our kids’ hands and cheeks. He also gave us a tube of a steroid cream for our daughter’s eczema flare ups, but I just couldn’t get on board. So, we introduced the Skinfix Gentle regimen to every bath – and make sure to really lather them up in lotion RIGHT after getting out of the tub. I can’t tell you how much the lotion works when their skin is still just a little bit damp. Amazing! And our little miss gets the Gentle Eczema Balm on her cheeks and hands at night when she has a flare up. She now even asks for her lotions before bed. As for the California kid, he is also a huge believer in Skinfix. He puts the Body Repair Balm on his cheeks before he goes on a run, and he hasn’t had any issues with eczema flare ups since he started using the Balm. I can’t say he has fallen in love with our weather yet….but at least his skin isn’t trying to catch the first flight back to San Francisco. By Laura Conlon, Vice President Integrated Media at Skinfix Inc.  

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