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A Journey of Healing – 16 Months Steroid Free!

Like so many other parents out there today, we have battled the eczema monster that tortured our son from the first few months of his life. My son, Thomas, is now 10 years old and we are finally winning the fight! We have our lives back and it’s due to our discovery of Red Skin Syndrome (Topical Steroid Withdrawal) and Skinfix. Any parent that has a child suffering with eczema knows they are willing to try absolutely anything to make the itch and pain go away. Over the years we tried everything from elimination diets, allergy testing and visits to a naturopath. One question always remained – why was his eczema spreading and getting worse instead of better? We hated using the steroid creams prescribed by our doctors (which not to mention over the years kept getting stronger) and used them as prescribed and extremely sparingly. Until one night, after spending hours googling for answers, our lives changed. We found ITSAN - The International Topical Steroid Addiction Network ( It was as though people had taken pictures of our son’s skin and posted them on the internet. Could this really be? We finally had our answer! The very creams prescribed to help our son were in fact making his eczema spiral out of control. The only remedy: stop the steroids. Yes, that’s it. Well, we wish what followed was as simple. The journey of steroid withdrawal can last several months or even years. What followed were months of Thomas’ body crying out for the steroids. His skin was red, intensely itchy and swollen at times. He didn’t feel well many days as his body fought against the damage. His skin would flare, burn, crack and shed. We felt helpless when one day I heard the ad for Skinfix on the radio. They had me at the tag line all natural ingredients! I immediately went out and purchased it to try. Skinfix Baby Eczema Balm was the only cream Thomas would allow me to use on his skin in the beginning months of the withdrawal process. All other creams burned and made him itch even more. Our almost daily routine was a bath in Epsom salts, a layer of Skinfix then tubular bandages over top. This went on for months until finally the flares began to subside and we saw his skin gaining strength. It was a miracle. After many months of ups and down, we are so happy to say Thomas is 16 months steroid free! We do have the occasional irritations here and there, but one application of Skinfix after a shower does the trick.  We could not have done this without the knowledge of the ITSAN Forum, the encouragement of our Facebook support group, and the wonderful steroid free Skinfix Baby Eczema Balm. Our journey is not over but my son has his life back. He is a normal, active and carefree 10 year old again!

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