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Keeping your feet happy and moisturized this winter

What happens to the skin on your feet during winter, and why?  Skin on the feet tends to be the driest, thickest and roughest on the body due to constant pressure from walking and standing, as well as friction from footwear. Winter’s cold temperatures and low humidity, coupled with dry indoor heating can potentially suck what little moisture there is from the feet and heels rather quickly. How severe are dry, cracked heels? What causes dry, cracked heels? Dry, cracked skin on feet and heels is a signal of severe dehydration. The skin on feet is quite different than the rest of the body as it lacks oil glands which typically keep skin self lubricated. Cracks or fissures can form do to the lack of natural moisture because skin is brittle, less elastic and injures quicker. What are 3-4 recommended ways of taking care of your feet during the colder months, and why?  The best way to keep feet hydrated and protected is to exfoliate weekly and moisturize daily. Eliminating dry, dead skin cells with a pumice stone or body scrub keeps skin smooth and allows moisturizers to penetrate and keep feet protected. When moisturizing feet and heels pick a product with an extra thick texture. Apply nightly and wear socks to bed. This drives the moisturizer into the deeper levels of skin and allows the cracks to start healing properly. What are people most surprised to realize about the skin on their feet? The skin on the feet is the thickest part of the body at 4 mm thick where the eye lids are the thinnest at 0.5 mm. Foot skin lacks oil glands which is why it is prone to dehydration and cracking in dry environments and cold temperatures. What types of products are recommended to someone who has cracked heels or dry skin that wants to improve the look and feel of their feet? Why? Dry cracked skin on the feet is a common concern from people. Skinfix Ultra Rich Body Butter or 12 Hour Miracle Ointment are recommended because both of these formulas contain high levels of botanical oils that moisturize deeper and protect skin longer than a typical lotion. These high levels of emollient ingredients also help protect the skin barrier and keep skin soft and smooth. Apply them nightly and wear socks to bed. This drives the product into the deeper levels of the skin and allows the cracks to start healing properly. Is there anything else in regards to taking care of feet? Our feet are the hardest working part of our bodies that we all typically neglect on a daily basis. Moisturizing feet daily with products that are rich and emollient can ward off serious skin problems.

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