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Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Have you taken a good look in your medicine cabinet lately? Chances are, it could use some updating as the weather turns cooler. Lighter lotions can be swapped for more emollient rich creams with protective healing power. It’s also a good time to look into using a universal relief ointment, a skin remedy that can be used on dry, cracked skin from head to toe. Ointments contain fats and oils and unlike creams they don't contain water, for a more concentrated treatment. This type of concentration provides a protective layer against irritants and soothes inflammation and damaged skin. Are your new shoes making walking painful? Did your curling iron come too close to your neck?  Minor scrapes, burns, and cuts have finally met their match with Skinfix 12HR Healing Ointment. This do it all ointment uses cold-pressed cupuaçu butter for maximum skin moisturization and promotes skin healing. Rich in nutritious omega 6 & 9 oils, cupuaçu butter provides long lasting relief for up to 12 hours and improves skin elasticity. USP grade allantoin helps heal and protect. Add some to your medicine cabinet today, shop here.  

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