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New Healthy Skin Collection- A Win/Win for the Whole Family

Mother And daughter Holding Hands And Walking On Beach I’m new to the Skinfix team and feel proud to be part of an organization that provides consumers with skincare products that are safe, thoughtfully formulated and full of natural, good for your skin ingredients. That’s one of the reasons I’m so excited about our Healthy Skin launch.  This new collection includes Skinfix®Cleansing Oil WashTM , Skinfix® Daily LotionTM, Skinfix® Ultra‐Rich Hand CreamTM, Skinfix® Lip Repair BalmTM. These are the kinds of products that make me feel good about what I’m introducing into my home and into the lives of my family. I’m a self-professed beauty junkie but for the last little while, I’ve been more mindful of the choices I make. Now that my daughter is almost twelve and has taken a keen interest in everything beauty-related, I find myself scanning labels a little more diligently. As a parent, it’s my job to make sure I am making healthy choices for my family and by extension, that includes the products we use on our bodies. The other day, we purchased an aluminum-free deodorant and nail polish that was free of toxic ingredients. I also replaced her scented body wash with our new Cleansing Oil Wash and I was pleasantly amazed at how receptive she was to all of it. Now that the colder weather is approaching, I know she’ll need products that soften and protect her delicate little hands and lips. Products that will relieve dryness and won’t irritate her skin. As a consumer, she has options. I want her to get used to the ritual of making informed decisions. Doing research. Reading labels. Feeling empowered and educated. I want her to use products that are healthy and nourishing and gentle. I’m excited to watch her journey of self-discovery unfold. And a really big part of that is standing on the sideline as she makes choices about what she eats and who her friends are and what products she uses on her own body. Author: Nicholetta Bokolas  

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