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Skinfix in the Land of (Dr.) Oz - Top Tips for Super Soft Skin

Skinfix_wintersnow_sized February can be a tough month. It can be hard on your skin as winter weather does its best to wreak havoc. But, February is turning out to be a pretty good month for us here at Skinfix. Our Body Repair Balm is featured in the very first issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine, under the exciting heading “Top picks for your body”.

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Top picks for what? Well, let’s just say we’re softening to February and we have some ideas about how you can make the most of this month too. You see, we all want baby-soft skin, but as the Good Life article points out, your skin is constantly under assault and you have to take steps to combat drying-out factors. According to the article (and our research too) frigid temperatures, dry indoor heating , too much sun exposure, over-cleansing, showers that are too long and too hot, a lack of good nutrients and not enough sleep can all contribute to dry skin. So, how do you keep your skin soft and supple in the face of all these factors? Here are The Good Life recommendations that we believe in too: Keep Your Skin Soft Tips:
  • Consider using a humidifier in the winter or if you live in a dry climate
  • Use sunscreen with SPF 30 year-round
  • Use gentle sulfate free cleansers and avoid harsh soaps
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after bathing
  • Add foods like salmon, walnuts and flax to your diet because fatty acids can be good for your skin
The reality is that February is a tough month – no matter how much we try to dress it up with Valentine’s Day. Colder temperatures often trigger eczema and dermatitis flare-ups, and that condition affects 1 in 5 adults every year.  The good news is tips like Dr. Oz’s can really help make a difference and so can the right products, like Skinfix Body Repair Balm, which we like to say is the ultimate remedy for dryness and irritation. So, hopefully your February is starting to look up and with these useful tips your skin will be softer, supple and more healthy, just in time for Spring. body-repair-balm-oz

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