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The Pains of Teething

Babies’ first teeth can come in as early as four months old, and for late bloomers as late as a year or older.  Most babies will have their full set of teeth by age three. Many teething babies experience discomfort although many babies get through the process with no problems at all.  Sometimes teething goes undiagnosed at first.   Some signs to look for include refusal of food, disrupted sleep, swollen gums, irritability and increased drooling.  This increased drooling brought on by teething will often leave a rash around the mouth and chin.  Not only may your baby develop a rash around its mouth and chin, they often will develop a diaper rash while teething.  Using a zinc based diaper cream at every diaper change will help prevent this nasty irritation from occurring.  A teething ring may also provide some relief to your baby’s sensitive gums. Nanny Robina, Parenting Expert

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