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Watch ‘Jack’s Story’: Family Claims Victory Against Eczema Battle

Hearing about a family struggling to win the battle against Eczema is nothing new to us here at Skinfix. A child or baby member of the family has chronic Eczema that leaves them uncomfortable, itching and in some cases bleeding and prone to infection. A bad Eczema flare up can even affect a child’s self-esteem and keep them from doing the things that all kids should do, like playing outside or being active in sports. For the Moms of these sufferers there is a feeling of hopelessness, fret, worry and agony over seeing their child suffer. The course of action is usually the same too; countless visits to the pediatrician or dermatologist and leaving with a handful of prescription medications loaded with harmful steroids. Then there’s the drug store visits, buying up Eczema “lotions and potions” that just don’t seem to work. The real desperate families will start to give their kids bleach baths or wrap their hands in cellophane or make them wear gloves to stop the chronic itching. Some say children with Eczema should bathe more, some say less. What is a Mom supposed to do? After watching this video of a Mom and her son Jack capture his amazing journey from eczema sufferer to a healthy happy kid again… the answer is pretty clear.

6 tips to help reduce Eczema flare-ups for your child:

  • Avoid skincare products containing added fragrance
  • Use mild sulfate-free cleansers at bath time and ensure all product residue is rinsed away
  • Use a rich emollient barrier cream like our Body Repair Balm that locks in moisture immediately after bath
  • Avoid extreme temperatures hot or cold
  • Reduce the risk of your child getting over heated and sweaty which can cause an itchy flare-up
  • Keep your child's nails clipped short and clean to reduce the risk of skin infection during itchy cycles

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