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Skinfix is the first clean and clinically active skincare brand that is tested, recommended (and personally used), by unbiased dermatologists to promote optimal skin barrier health.

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We believe in JOMO…

We believe in JOMO…

At Skinfix we embrace the Joy of Missing Out. We don’t jump on skincare trends – but rather work diligently to fulfill our mission of skin barrier health.

Our chemist will often introduce us to the latest clean ingredients – an adaptogen, CBD, a revolutionary new extract. The clean beauty industry is exploding with amazing new technologies that can replace synthetic ingredients and deliver quantitative efficacy for a host of skin needs. We devour new technologies in the pursuit of supporting a healthy skin barrier and treating tough skin concerns. We often use trending ingredients because they deliver amazing efficacy in specific formulations.

However, you will never see us launch something trendy to maximize SEO searches or get placement in an editorial round-up of “hot new ingredients”. For instance, we have been looking at CBD for over 5 years; but have not launched as we have yet to determine what concentration, form, and delivery will clinically treat the concerns for which it shows promise.

We may introduce a product with CBD in the future, but will not rush to market to capitalize on the current frenzy of CBD launches. While we enthusiastically support the daily use of SPF to protect the skin barrier from UV and blue light, we haven’t come up with an SPF product idea that is truly different from the myriad of options already available on the market.

We also categorically avoid ingredients that our Derm community or chemist feel are known or potential irritants, (ingredients like kojic acid, tea tree oil and lanolin, for instance), no matter how trendy they are.

Perhaps having our headquarters in Nova Scotia, Canada, away from the beauty epicenters of NY and LA helps us stay focused and undistracted. We believe in blissful JOMO. We do our own thing, obsessively searching for topical solutions to heal the skin barrier.

xx Amy

Founder & Total Skin Nerd

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