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Healthy Families

Soothing Baby Eczema

Posted by & filed under Healthy Families, Skincare.

About the guest author: Sarah Dunville, Bsc Pharm has been a community pharmacist for just over 10 years. She has always had a strong interest in skin care and cosmetic products. Using her pharmacy background to evaluate the product ingredients, Sarah has always been in pursuit of the best skin care products available. Sarah strives […]

Eczema Relief: How to Identify Food Triggers Without Losing Your Mind

Posted by & filed under Healthy Families.

  Guest blogger Wendy McCallum, LLB, RHN, is a food coach & educator who followed her passion for real food by leaving her law career and returning to college to learn more about nutrition. She now operates Simple Balance Consulting, through which she helps clients reach their wellness, weight & nutrition goals. You can follow Wendy […]

Breakfast Cookie Recipe

Posted by & filed under Healthy Families.

Great news! Breakfast cookies are a thing, and these just happen to be gluten, dairy & and refined sugar-free, but somehow still decadent enough to eat for dessert! Safe for the lunchbox, they also make a terrific recess snack. Ingredients: 2 mashed ripe bananas 1/3 c maple syrup 1/4 c coconut oil, melted 1 egg […]

Being Outnumbered by the Kids

Posted by & filed under Healthy Families.

Having many conversations over the years with my wife, and now being three kids deep, we thought that we were so freaking busy before kids. To be honest, we had so much free time that we wasted most of it. Oh what I would give for a “wake up because I am rested morning.” But […]

Get Your Glow On With a Healthy, Real Food Diet!

Posted by & filed under Healthy Families.

If you want a vibrant glow, you need to feed that glow from the inside out. There are certain nutrients that contribute more specifically to skin health, but the real benefits come from adopting a real-food based diet (the stuff that lives and grows in nature). A diet rich in plants and as varied as […]

Children’s personal hygiene (or lack there of)

Posted by & filed under Healthy Families.

There is a time in all parents lives when you say to yourself “what is that smell?” It is with great regret sometimes that you realize that it is your sweet little child that has a special new fragrance. Even when you do your best to have nice squeaky-clean children, they always tend to provide […]

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