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Skinfix is the first clean and clinically active skincare brand that is tested, recommended (and personally used), by unbiased dermatologists to promote optimal skin barrier health.

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A Rich History

A Rich History

The original Skinfix healing balm was created in 1870 by Thomas Dixon, a pharmacist in Yorkshire, England. Dixon set out to create a balm to treat a multitude of skin irritations that his patients were suffering from. Since he didn’t work for a big beauty company, Dixon didn’t consider the cost of his formula when sitting down to formulate. Instead he grabbed every ingredient that he knew would help to tackle skin redness, itching, inflammation, cracking and dryness; and he used key ingredients at high concentrations. His goal was simple; the formula needed to work, otherwise his patients would not be back. Skinfix follows this ethos of using multiple, clean, active ingredients at their optimal effective levels in every formula that we create.

Founder Message

Founder Message

I am extremely lucky to have discovered the heritage Skinfix balm, and to witness the difference that it has made in peoples’ lives. Thomas Dixon’s Skinfix balm ignited a passion for what was possible in clean skincare. I saw the future in better-for-you, clinically powerful solutions that could help people heal some of the most stubborn skin issues.

At Skinfix, we have come to understand that the skin barrier is vulnerable to many factors and there truly is not one solution to fit all. We meet skin at its most distressed, and formulate clean, highly effective, yet gentle solutions to bring it back to a state of wellness and help keep it there.

At Skinfix, we believe in the emotional connection between healthy skin and a healthy spirit. Skin concerns can truly be stressful, and can put us out of balance. We are committed to making products that are proven to work. We are obsessive about healthy skin. People dealing with eczema, or keratosis pilaris, or chronic redness have typically tried a lot of products and spent a lot of money in their search for skin wellness. So we take our obligation seriously, and do our utmost to deliver healthy skin.

We feel a deep sense of satisfaction with every testimonial and before and after photo that you send us. Please let us know if there are other products that you need. We will do our best to find a clean, clinically effective solution for you. Welcome to the Skinfix family.

XOXO Amy, Founder & CEO

Founder Bio

Our founder, Amy Risley, has had a passion for skincare for a long time! Her father worked in manufacturing for Estee Lauder in the 1970’s, and she loved the lotions, potions and creams that her dad would bring home from the factory. She was fascinated with ingredients; and asked her dad a zillion questions about what was in each formula, and how they were made. After university, Amy went straight to work for L’Oreal, and has worked in beauty ever since (nearly 20 years). Her most formative experience was working directly for Jo Malone in London. While she loved working beside Jo as she created her extraordinary fragrances, it was Jo’s expertise as an aesthetician and skincare expert that Amy loved even more. Years later, in a small town in Atlantic Canada, Amy met the great, great granddaughter of Thomas Dixon (the pharmacist creator of the heritage Skinfix healing balm). She was captivated by the powerful formula that the family had passed down through five generations. She was blown away by the hundreds of hand-written testimonials that the family had amassed over the years from people who had used it to heal some of the most serious and stubborn skin concerns. Amy was intent on dissecting the Skinfix healing balm, in order to understand why it worked so well to heal skin. Since then, she and her team have followed the methodology of using a robust combination of clean, active and nutritious ingredients to restore and maintain optimal skin wellness. They work with dermatologists, naturopaths and holistic chemists to develop skincare that is consciously clean and clinically proven to work. They will continue to research, experiment, develop, explore and clinically test until they have helped heal every skin concern that they possibly can!