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Glycolic Renewing Scrub

A Notification from Skinfix: Skinfix has become aware that older production of its Glycolic Renewing Scrub is in violation of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) due to the presence of Polylactic Acid (PLA). Current production meets all CEPA requirements.

As part of our Skinfix community, you are aware of our commitment to sustainability. Part of this work includes doing our best to keep up with regulations, which change frequently. When we first formulated our Glycolic Renewing Scrub, we made a choice to use an eco-certified polylactic acid. We reformulated out of this ingredient years ago and are proud to confirm that our Scrub meets all Canadian Environmental Protection Act requirements today.

In the unlikely chance you have purchased this product, please contact us and we will happily issue a refund and replacement.

The announcement is limited to Glycolic Renewing Scrub with specific lot numbers. Please look at the top crimp of your Scrub to identify the lot number, which may be raised. To dispose of purchased product, leave the scrub inside of the tube, tighten the lid and dispose of it with your regular garbage.

Lot Numbers:

  • D01CLA
  • D03CLA
  • D03CLB
  • J16CLB
  • J17CLA
  • J18CLA
  • K02CLB
  • K02CLC
  • K02CLD
  • K29CLA
  • K29CLB
  • K29CLA
  • M02CLA
  • M03CLA
  • M03CLB
  • M03CLC
  • M03CLD
  • M04CLA
  • M04CLB

    Where to find the Lot Number: 

     Glycolic Renewing Scrub Lot Number

    To receive a refund and new scrub, please email info@skinfix.com with your order number.