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Skinfix is the first clean and clinically active skincare brand that is tested, recommended (and personally used), by unbiased dermatologists to promote optimal skin barrier health.

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skin nerds by nature

our company commitment to sustainability

Our Mission

At Skinfix, our respect for the planet influences every decision we make. We work rigorously to ensure that with everything from our ingredient list, to our packaging, we contemplate the impact on your skin and planet earth.

Our Mission

the truth about the global beauty industry

The global beauty industry is responsible for producing over 120 BILLION UNITS* of plastic packaging, most of which are not recyclable and end up in our planet’s landfills or oceans.

On top of that, the cardboard that envelops many of these products contributes to the loss of 18 million acres of forest each year.*

We realized that we were part of the problem and we choose to do better.

This is what the skin nerds are doing today.

planet love packaging

planet love packaging

All of our cartons are made from 100% recycled or reclaimed fiber which means no new trees are milled. All of the cardboard is made from existing paper using vegetable-based ink and they are naturally biodegradable. Today, we are also transitioning plastics used for our packaging to those sourced from reclaimed & recycled material.

Clean Products

Clean Products

We formulate with Mother Nature’s pharmacy. What we leave out of our products is as important as what we put in. For Skinfix, ‘clean’ means avoiding the lengthy and ever-evolving list of ingredients known to be toxic, controversial, or irritating to you and this beautiful planet.

Sustainable Ingredients

Sustainable Ingredients

Many of our ingredients have the ECOCERT designation, which means they are produced in an environmentally friendly way with respect to local biodiversity. For example, our Canadian Glacial Clay is sustainably sourced and supports local Indigenous communities.



We are a cruelty-free company and we honor PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program by not testing any of our raw ingredients, formulations or final products on animals.

vegan + beegan

vegan + beegan

We are proud to share that all of our clinically-proven products are either vegan or beegan. Our beegan products incorporate a small amount of cruelty-free beeswax and/or honey but no other animal-derived ingredients.

Truth About Plastics

the truth about plastic

Virgin plastic is the plastic we see everyday. Virgin means brand new plastic from new resin. Nearly every pound of plastic humankind has ever produced is still here. An average plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose.

what is pcr plastic?

Post-consumer resin (PCR) plastic is plastic made from existing plastic. It has a 60% lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic because by making products with PCR you not only take virgin plastic out of the environment, you are preventing new virgin plastic from being made!

the cost of going green

As we shift to new packaging, we must undergo a new round stability and compatibility testing for every product that we transition to PCR. For a small company this is a big financial investment. Happily, the cost for reclaimed & recycled cardboard is the same as virgin cardboard, yay paper industry!

New Packaging Stability

new packaging stability and compatibility testing

Between $900 to $4000 per product and can take up to 3 years to complete.

total investment
Purchase Price

purchase price for PCR plastic packaging

On average $0.10 - $0.20 more per unit

total investment
Sustainability Officer

At Skinfix, having a socially responsible and economically positive impact is just as important for us as making clinically active skincare products that are proven to work.

– Erica Arnoldin
Sustainability Officer

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