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Foaming Oil Cleanser

As part of our Skinfix community, you are aware that we are committed to the highest standards of product quality and safety. Through our rigorous testing process, we identified that a limited quantity of Foaming Oil Cleanser may have the presence of Pluralibacter gergoviae (P. gergoviae), a bacterium that naturally occurs in the environment and in the human body. Although P. gergoviae rarely causes serious infections in healthy individuals, some people with weakened immune systems may have increased risk of infection. At this time, Skinfix has not received any complaints about its Foaming Oil Cleanser; however, out of an abundance of caution, we are issuing a voluntary removal of our product from shelves and asking customers who purchased affected lot numbers to stop use and dispose of the product. No other products are affected with this removal. 

As a clean, clinical brand, our definition of “clinical” goes far beyond choosing active pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical ingredients and using them at optimal levels. We put our products through rigorous testing and third-party clinical trials. We pride ourselves on being a “clean” brand, which for us means we avoid ingredients known to be toxic, irritating or have been identified as skin allergens by our dermatologist community. Moving forward, we are implementing additional testing procedures as safety is our top priority. Your favorite Foaming Oil Cleanser will be back in stock in the coming weeks. 



What are the affected lot numbers? 

The voluntary removal is limited to Foaming Oil Cleanser and specific lot numbers. Please look at the bottom and/or back of your Foaming Oil Cleanser to identify the lot number, printed in black ink. Below are the affected lot numbers and reference images: 








 Foaming Oil Cleanser Lot Number Location


What should I do if I have a product with an affected lot number? 

Please stop using the product and discard it (if you would like a refund, please note instructions below before discarding). If you gave this product to anyone, please let them know about this voluntary removal and that they should stop use and discard it.  


How do I request a refund? 

You can receive a full refund by taking the following actions.   

If you purchased on skinfix.com or skinfix.ca: 

Please provide the following information via email to info@skinfix.com: 

  • Subject Line: FOC Refund 
  • Order Number: Provide the order number for your Foaming Oil Cleanser purchase. 

If you purchased at Sephora: 

  • Sephora will provide a full refund 
  • Please follow Sephora’s Returns & Exchanges policy, which can be found at https://www.sephora.com/beauty/returns-exchanges 
  • You will be required to show proof of purchase between July 24, 2021 – September 26, 2021 


Why didn’t Skinfix’s quality assurance and testing process catch this before the products were in the marketplace?  

Prior to product release, there was no indication of any potential issue as all products successfully passed our intense, quality control testing.  


What are you doing to ensure this doesn’t happen again? 

As a clean, clinical brand, our definition of “clinical” includes putting our products through rigorous testing and clinical trials; however, we are committed to doing more. The following immediate measures are being taken: 

  • Contract manufacturer facility and process audit  
  • Increasing pre-production and in-process testing criteria for all Skinfix products  
  • Revising finished product microbial testing specifications to go beyond FDA and Health Canada requirements 

For additional questions, please contact Customer Service at info@skinfix.com