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Gentle Eczema Balm

As a first time mom I would like to say after buying endless amounts of baby products for my sons skin who has severe eczema, your product is the only one that works. After dr appointments saying it's nothing an his cheeks were swollen and itchy and red and cracking i bought your products walking through the grocery store and honestly soon as I applied it when I got home it instantly went down! I am going out of my way to email you to say thank you personally for having the product on the shelves because I have wasted money online in special all natural stores and it hasn't worked. So thank you for making a gentle product for my sons face and making him happy again! I will continue to buy your products and probably start with the whole line.

A momma with a boy who has bad eczema.

" have no idea how wonderful it feels."

Rash Repair Balm

I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2012. One of the most frustrating things about it is a red, bumpy, itchy rash that shows up on my chest periodically. Through trial and error, I found a healing powder intended for acne that relieves the itch but nothing would take the rash away except time. Sometimes, I'd be stuck with it for 4-6 weeks and it would often worsen, to the point of being painful.

I tried prescription and pretty much every over-the-counter cream/lotion I could find, including baby balm. One day, Skinfix appeared on my pharmacist's shelves. I figured, I've tried everything else, so why not give this one a shot too. I am so very glad that I did. Now, I use the healing powder and Skinfix Repair Balm alternately during the day. The rash clears up within a week to 10 days and you have no idea how wonderful it feels. Thank you!

"...all-natural, safe ingredients."

I like that it's made of all-natural, safe ingredients.

"...perfect way to clean..."

It's the perfect way to clean my baby's skin.

"No baby allergy issues!"

Thanks for making it soy and nut-free. No baby allergy issues!

"The happiest mommy on Earth!"

I've never written an email like this, so it's hard to know where to begin. I'll start with this: THANK YOU!

I'm a full time working mother with two sons (Charlie 5, and Nicholas 4). Balancing all of the day-to-day with as much energy as I can, the boys live a pretty active lifestyle. We moved to South Carolina, from Ohio around 4 years ago, hoping to get Nick's Eczema out of the winter weather so that his hands could heal. It's been challenging, to say the least, to keep an active 4 year old away from irritants that seemingly destroy his hands. Challenge, huh...more than a challenge.

My 35th birthday was just last month, in March. Seemingly typical birthday, as birthdays go. I received a Birchbox in the mail from an Ohio friend, Angela Haschka. In it was the MOST AMAZING Skinfix Eczema Balm. I read the container, called for Nick and slathered some on. Knowing full well I have tried every affordable product on the marker (or so I thought) I didn't think much of it. I WAS SO WRONG!

In one day, his hands seemed better, not red, cracked, open, and I asked him how they felt. He's a very vocal 4 year old, so he'd tell me if they hurt. He was beyond thrilled! I kept up the applications during the evening hours, after bath. Each morning - better, and better and BETTER!!!!

He's rushing home to tell me all about playing in the SANDBOX! Playing in the sandbox may seem like a common childhood memory for all kids, but when your hands are constantly sore, chapped, raw...the LAST thing you want to do is get near SAND!?!
He's so happy. I'm so so so so HAPPY!

Thank you. I don't know what else to say...Thank you. I could type it a thousand times. As a mommy watching her son endure this pain, frustration, and all that comes with wounded hands. Nick, Charlie, Matt and I want to say THANK YOU Skinfix.

Molly Margosian
The happiest mommy on the earth!

"...instant relief!"

I've had horrible eczema patches on my elbows and ankles since I was a child. I tried everything including hydrocortisone creams, Aveeno, Aquaphor and few other prescriptions and nothing would calm it down and relieve the dryness. My friend said to try Skinfix and I used the Body Repair Balm in the blue tube and right away felt instant relief! Then it started to smooth out, the roughness went away and now I wear short sleeves without being embarrassed. Thank you so much for making a product that works so great and I can't believe all-natural!!!!! Whoa!

- Paula

"...gone within a week."

Diaper Rash Balm

Years ago we where given a sample of the Diaper Rash Balm. I have found its a cure all and amazing with diaper rash. My son has been on a Dr. prescribed medication to clear up a fungal infection on his arm after it has not improved so I switched to the diaper rash balm. I started to improve after 1 application and was gone with in a week

- Ruthie

"...I now swear by this product!"

Diaper Rash Balm

My son had sensitive skin from day one and I tried every single diaper cream product and nothing was clearing him up until I tried Skinfix, I now swear by this product! I have recommended it to everyone I know that has kids and I'm so glad they've started selling it in my local Sobeys.

- Amber

"...healed my red, sore face..."

Body Repair Balm

I had a reaction to an expensive skincare line that was given to me by my mother. My face was red and sore so much so that it hurt to touch it. I found a sample jar of Skinfix Body Repair Balm and put a small amount on to see if it would help. It soothed the burning right away an by the end of the day the redness was also gone. Now that I know it works I would like to try a couple of the other products for sure...So pleased that it healed my red, sore face so quickly! 🙂

- Erika

"I will never forget Skinfix..."

Body Repair Balm

Over the past few years I have been getting a rash called Miliaria rubra when away on tropical vacations. Last year I brought along my skinfix and it kept the problem at bay. It also soothed and pretty much healed a bad sunburn I got on my face overnight. Well this year when I went away I forgot to pack the cream! What a nightmare by day 4 the rash was over my arms and neck. I will never forget skinfix again, I already put it in the suitcase for next year!

- Gail

"...must-have product for the trip!"

Body Repair Balm

The Body Repair Balm is the best at healing razor burn. I just rub a little over my legs at night and by the morning the redness,itching and irritation is gone! I also use it on my heels when they are feeling dry and cracked and it makes them so smooothe! I've even used it on my nose when it peels. I'm going on a Caribbean vacation in a few weeks it will be my must have product for the trip! So glad I found it! 🙂


"...healed by the next morning."

Body Repair Balm

Well, where do I start? First of all I would like to say I was raised in Lower Sackville and lived there most of my life until I recently moved to New Brunswick. My entire family has been diagnosed with some sort of skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, etc...the money I have spent on prescriptions from these ailments has been extremely expensive and nothing ever worked, ever......until NOW!! My friend from Dartmouth noticed my really bad eczema on my legs and she told me to try this amazing paste. She took it out of her bag and I used 1 application! My legs were healed by the next morning. I have NEVER and I mean Never been so impressed about a product in my life. I went to my local pharmacy and asked them if they would please order me 5 jars of Skinfix. I received the bottles within 2 days and started applying it to every one of my family members. My 3 year old HAD eczema from shoulders to feet. My husband had it all over both arms and hands, myself!

Both father psoriasis all over and my brother from head to toe. Skinfix...there is no way I can possibly thank you enough. I have bought this cream and sent it to Ontario to other family members...all with the same results!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I cannot thank you enough for this Miracle product! And to think it is made in my hometown makes me so proud!! I have passed the word around to all my friends and family..this stuff is like pure gold in a jar! Thank you again and again!


An Extremely Satisfied Customer


Body Repair Balm

HOLY COW! I got my Body Repair Balm about 40 hours ago and my heels are 95% healed!!!! When I got home from work Friday my Body Repair Balm was here and I put a slather on my heels. That evening I put more on and socks and in the morning more paste all over my feet and massaged it in real good. I could already see a difference. I put more on in the afternoon after shoping. That evening after dinner I put more on. I also pulled off chunks of dead skin. Before I went to bed I slatherd more on I did'nt wear socks because it's so hot! Sunday morning I took a shower and as usual I took the emory board to my heels. I was shocked and amazed!! all the dead skin came off all the ground in dirt from wearing Crocks too. I think by tomorrow morning when I go to work my feet will look like they did when I was 13! I am 41 now and also am using the Rapid Repair Balm WOW what a relief. After 2 years of "discomfort" I went to the doctor and he said the itching was brought on by stress and it was chronic (Pruritus vulvae). I wanted to cry. He gave me some cream that the pharmasist said to use sparingly because it causes thinning of the skin and that will cause other problems. Its been about 6 months and some days I want to do myself in. Then I saw Rapid Repair Balm in a magazine. Now I know I can live with this affliction. I will not have to worry about thinning skin, and I have pretty feet again!

- Jan

"I don't have to hide my face anymore..."

Body Repair Balm

I love your product. My whole life I've fought with acne and tried all the pills (didn't work) and products on the store shelves. When I finally saw a dermatologist, he diagnosed me with rosacea and at age 32, said there wasn't much that could be done to fix it. I found your brochure at my doctors office and decided to try it. I have been using Skinfix for 3 months now and my rosacea is under control. I no longer have breakouts and the redness is gone! My big moment was while buying makeup at Shoppers, the consultant told me she couldn't see anything wrong with my skin! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!! I don't have to hide my face anymore or be ashamed of the redness. I recommend Skinfix to everyone with problem skin.


"...I am in total amazement..."

Body Repair Balm

All I can say is amazing! My daughter has always suffered from mild forms of eczema forever but in the last 2 months her body has exploded from her neck down she looked like she had been burnt at one point she could not walk because behind her knees was so cracked and raw. Our family Dr. told us that is was a certain form that had to run its course up to 12 weeks. After 4 Dr's that gave her steroid creams that were extreme high doses but did work it returned and using that type of cream all the time is not an option. We were told about Skinfix after day 2 it is gone I am in total amazement the red the dry the itch gone. I have told all my co workers and clients. Never in my life have I used something so effective if someone does not try this after the results I have witnessed they are crazy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

- Stacey

"...cleared up within two days!"

Diaper Rash Balm

I got this paste as a sample at a baby shower two years ago. I never used it, until my 4 month old daughter had a bad diaper rash, and nothing helped! I even tried prescription diaper cream from the dr, and it still didn't work. I tried the Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm as a last resort, and it completley cleared up within two days! Since then, we have ordered more Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm , and we use it faithfully every day. We don't use any other kind of diaper cream. We now have a newborn baby, and I use it on him! I recommend your paste to every mom, and they tell me they love it too!


" hands are completed healed!"

Body Repair Balm

Amazing! I have been plagued for years with dry, cracked, sore, and bleeding hands from occupational dermatitis. I work in childcare and wash my hands A LOT! Probably upwards of 50 times per day which did damage to my skin. I had thought it was beyond repair. I have tried so many different types of creams, ointments, and prescriptions but it only seemed to get worse. That is until I tried Skinfix! I now only use Skinfix about 4 times a day and my hands are completely healed!! I highly recommend it to anyone with my type of problem. Thank you Skinfix!


"...THE BEST product out there..."

Diaper Rash Balm

I just want to let you know that this is THE BEST product out there for diaper rash! I discovered it at my local Superstore and I'm so glad I made the purchase. It cleared my son's recurring diaper rash overnight. Thanks! Now I want to try the body paste for mysel


"...amazed at the results."

Body Repair Balm

I suffer from rosacea and my face is extremely dry and flaky. I also have very noticable broken blood vessels on my face. It is very embarrassing. I can not wear foundation and am very limited to what creams I can use as they break me out and make the redness worse. I bought your product yesterday and today my flakey skin is gone and the broken blood vessels are extremely faded. I have never had a complexion as clear as I do today. I can't wait to see the results after a few days. I am completely amazed at the results.


"Just a couple of dabs..."

Rapid Repair Balm

I have had lichen sclerosus for nine years and nothing seemed to work - especially horrible steroid creams. I quite often got nasty split skin and sores too. I tried your product and its absolutely amazing. I used it three or four times a day at first and now only when I feel a bit itchy (which is hardly ever). It not only relieves the itch, it is so soothing and heals any broken skin almost immediately. It also works on my husbands cold sores which he gets frequently. Just a couple of dabs and problem solved. It relieves insect bites, stings and heaven knows what else it will do! Best product ever!

Mrs Wanstall

"One happy mom!"

Diaper Rash Balm

I just wanted to email and say your product is amazing! My son had a severe diaper rash for over 2 weeks and nothing was clearing it including a prescription cream. I had a sample of your stuff and decided to try it and I noticed a difference by the next day. He is now fully cleared and it's all because of your product. I just wanted to say thank you soooo much. I wish it was a little easier to find though but it's worth the search.

Jennifer Mumford
One happy mom!


"...over the moon..."

Body Repair Balm

I must tell you a story about your cream, a client of mine in Bradford has a daughter who is 17 months old. Well, she had a mark on her eye lid she was born with and it was so noticeable people would ask "what has she done to her eye?" She has had prescription creams from the doctor but then tried Skinfix's Body Repair Balm and it was gone in a week! She was so pleased she called me to tell me she is over the moon with it.

"Nanny Robina"
UK Nanny on the Mom Show on the Slice Network

"...this cream is a miracle..."

Rapid Repair Balm

I just have to write to tell you what a GREAT cream Rapid Repair Balm is. I have always worked in geriatrics. These patients often suffer from stubborn bed sores and incontinent rash. Both are very hard to clear up . We have used many many creams. Some were much worse than others and many were very hard to clean up afterwards. The worst dried onto the skin, resembling cement. This terrible substance was extremely difficult to remove. Needless to say, clean up l was very painful and upsetting. And along came Efflorescence Paste (Rapid Repair Balm), this cream is a miracle for my elderly, confined patients. It is absolutely wonderful. It has effectively healed bed sores, rashes and even ulcers of the leg in less than a week.

Some have suffered for years, not any longer. It is very easy to apply, spreads with ease and removal is even easier. This wonderful product has never stained garments, bedding or the skin.

My Patients are always asking for Skinfix.

Thank you so much for making this wonderful balm.


"...I feel confident..."

Body Repair Balm

You know, it's not very often that you come across such an outstanding product that is soooo reasonably affordable in price for the amazing job it does, which is why I took the time today to leave my comments about it to tell all what a truly amazing product it is. I have very sensitive skin and have battled my whole life with an annoying temperamental combination of acne and eczema on my face, eyes, neck and chest and back area and am a terribly slow healer and tend to scar easily. I have tried just about everything cheap and expensive on the market, and even recommendations from a dermatologist, in vain with no permanent long term results.

I have been using this for 3 months now, day and night, faithfully, and my skin is flawless and beautiful and heals so lightning fast! For once in my life, I feel confident to go out in public with very minimal make-up and still look good! And, I can almost swear it's helping my wrinkles...! I'm a very happy girl these days because of it, so proud it is made right here in our Nova Scotia, Canada, and recommend it to all I have a chance to... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your wonderful product !!!

- S. A.


"...itching eased immediately."

Body Repair Balm

I got Skinfix for my eczema. I have tried numerous types of prescription medications with little effect, or in some cases, they made it worse. From the very first application Skinfix made my eczema fade noticeably, and the itching eased immediately. I only hope that you soon plan to make a hair conditioner and shampoo that is as effective. I have eczema on my scalp, too.


"...we still use your product."

Diaper Rash Balm

I've been using Skinfix Diaper Rash Balm since my daughter was only a few months old. She's always gotten diaper rash (even open sores!) while teething due to acidic bowel movements. Skinfix Buttocks Paste is the only product I've found that offers instant relief from the sores and rash and heals them quickly. My daughter is now 20 months and we still use your product.


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