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Q: I have eczema, do you have anything that will help me?

A: Our Body Repair Balm provides instant moisture relief, rehydrating and repairing damaged skin affected by many dermatitis conditions such as rashes and eczema. Refer to our testimonials page to see how our products work on some of the toughest dermatitis conditions.

Q: I’m looking for products that are natural and free from chemicals, are your products natural?

A: Our products are natural, free from synthetic chemicals, parabens, hydrocortisone, steroids, and fragrances. Our products are natural and made with wound healing botanicals and emollient protective oils.

Q:  I am concerned about the use of parabens.  Do Skinfix formulas contain them?

A:  Skinfix formulas do not contain paraben based preservative systems.  As a matter of fact, our healing balms are “anhydrous” and contain no water in the formulas and therefore have no risk of growing bacteria or mold.  Our balm formulas “self preserve” themselves and don’t require preservatives.

Q: I suffer from adult incontinence, is your diaper cream good for this?

A: Some adults that suffer from irritation due to incontinence do use diaper creams for relief. However, our Rash Repair Balm was developed for adult skin with this as one of the key dermatitis conditions to treat.  Rash Repair Balm is formulated with a higher concentration of the active medicinals to treat stubborn rashes on older skin.  Because skin becomes drier and loses moisture as we age a more potent barrier is required – and Skinfix Rash Repair Balm is the perfect solution.

Q: Where can I find Skinfix products?

A: When you shop our site, you have access to our full line of natural healing balms.   But did you know that Skinfix products are available at select retailers across the US? The stores listed are considered key retailers, meaning they carry one or more of our products and can be depended on to have stock-making the trip to their store worth your time. Still, we recommend that you call ahead to make sure the product you are looking for is carried in the store and is in stock, just to be sure.

The “Store Finder” search on our website should direct you to the stores in your area that carry Skinfix. If your local store does not carry a particular Skinfix product, please request it from the Store Manager or Pharmacist (products will normally be available in store 4-5 business days after a request). Again, it’s always a good idea to call ahead to confirm that the products you are looking for are in store before making the trip!

Diaper Rash Balm Most Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys, Lawtons, IDA, Guardian, Pharmasave, Pharmachoice. In the US: C.O. Bigelow (
Baby Eczema Balm Most Loblaws, Rexall, Lawtons, IDA, Guardian, Pharmachoice, Pharmasave, Medicine Shoppe. In the US: C.O. Bigelow (
Body Repair Balm Most Loblaws, Rexall, Sobeys, Lawtons, Pharmasave, Pharmachoice, Rexall, Guardian, IDA. In the US:  C.O. Bigelow (
Rash Repair Balm Most Lobalwas, Rexall, Sobeys, Lawtons, IDA, Guardian, Pharmasave, Pharmachoice, Medicine Shoppe. In the US:  C.O. Bigelow (

Q: I read in an article that your products are British Pharmacopoeia grade. Can you tell me what that means?

A: British Pharmacopoeia (BP) is a system of quality standards for research and manufacturing of medicinal products and their ingredients dating back to England’s King Henry VII in the 1400s. These standards are used throughout the world in over 100 countries and are widely recognized for their purity and effectiveness.

Skinfix formulas are made with BP ingredients which means our natural ingredients are strictly regulated and manufactured with the highest quality standards available.

Q: I have diabetes and I suffer from sores on my feet as a result, do you have a product that works for diabetic foot conditions?

A: Yes, we have a product called Healing Foot & Leg Balm that aids in the treatment of diabetic foot conditions. We are in the process of developing a product specifically formulated for this serious condition.

Q: Are your products safe for people with diabetes?

A: Yes, in fact our Healing Foot & Leg Balm is used to treat foot conditions that often go hand in hand with diabetes.

Q: I suffer with Lichen sclerosis; can we use Rash Repair Balm for this condition?

A: Yes, many of our customers have reported that our Rash Repair Balm has worked well in reducing symptoms of lichen sclerosis. At first you may want to use it daily, but eventually you will only apply it as you need it, having days when you won’t feel the need to apply any at all.

Q: My new Body Repair Balm formula seems different that my older jar.  Did you change it? 

A: Yes, we added some incredible extra healing medicinal ingredients like Colloidal Oatmeal and Sweet Almond Oil.  Our formula follows the Health Canada and FDA monograph for Eczema claims.  Even though our formula did a great job with Eczema before, now it’s even better.

Q: Why doesn’t Skinfix use preservatives?  Should I worry that my product will go bad?

A: Our unique healing balms are formulated without water or “anhydrous” which means that without water in the formula, there is no place for bacteria and mold to grow.  All of our products go through stringent regulated preservative testing to make sure that they stay “clean” throughout the life of the product.  Our balm formulas “self preserve” without the harmful effects on skin that can happen with synthetic preservatives.

Q: Did you discontinue Efflorescence Paste?

A: No.  We renamed it Rash Repair Balm because we feel the name Efflorescence didn’t describe what it does best.  This formula rapidly repairs chafed and irritated skin all over the body.

Q: How often can I use Skinfix Balms?

A: As often as needed.  Our formulas have gone through extensive safety testing to make sure they are safe and non-irritating.  As a matter of fact, the more you use them, the quicker skin irritation goes away.

Q: You say that your products are fragrance-free, but they have a smell to them – yummy yes, but nonetheless a smell.  Can you explain this?

A: Our products are all 100% fragrance-free.  Fragrance is the #1 skin irritant, which is why our products are formulated without any fragrance.  The ‘yummy’ smell you mention are natural botanicals.  Enjoy!

Q. Why is the texture so rich/thick?

A. The reason our formulas are so rich is that they are designed to protect, soothe and heal the skin barrier unlike traditional lotions which are mostly water and quickly evaporate. Our formulas are jam packed with natural emollients and barrier building ingredients and the texture is what help makes them work so quickly. A little goes a long way.

Q. How do I put on Body Repair Balm & Gentle Eczema Balm?

A.These balms are designed to soothe and protect skin that is dry and irritated. Our directions for use on the tube are to put on immediately after bathing so you can lock in the moisture left on the skin post bathing. For best results apply frequently throughout the day as needed. This product should be rubbed in gently.

Q. How do I apply and use Rash Repair Balm?

A. Rash Repair Balm is designed to protect skin from wetness, irritation and friction or chafing. It’s a thicker texture with more barrier protection (zinc) and should be applied to clean dry skin to help seal out the wetness. It’s not meant to be rubbed in and a layer of product should be left on the skin for best results. Should be applied throughout the day to clean dry skin as needed. Moms know how to use a diaper cream and this would apply to this type of formula as well.

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